Published On: Tue, Apr 24th, 2018

What would The Avengers look like if they were made up of NFL stars?

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theScore imagines what the cast of The Avengers would look like if it were comprised entirely of NFL stars.

Iron Man – Tom Brady

He thinks he’s the hero, but he often treads into moral gray areas and even acts of pure villainy without any real recognition of his own wrongdoings. He’s also a hugely accomplished egomaniac with a tall, beautiful partner who wishes he would quit his job now that he’s getting older.

You can insert both Tony Stark’s and Brady’s name into the start of that paragraph and both fit perfectly.

Hulk – Odell Beckham Jr.

While Beckham lacks the Hulk’s size, he certainly has his temper and a flare for the dramatic – just ask Josh Norman or the infamous kicking net. Beckham and the Hulk are also both the most talented/powerful members of their respective teams and both have seen their weary workmates attempt to get rid of them, deciding their powers weren’t worth the headaches.

Maybe the Giants need to invest in a Beckhambuster.

Hawkeye – Drew Brees

Hawkeye is The Avengers’ everyman – they guy who doesn’t look like he belongs and lacks any obvious special physical talents but still somehow manages to find a way to succeed.

Similarly, Brees doesn’t look like an NFL quarterback, but he still takes on and vanquishes far more gifted rivals thanks to his laser-like accuracy. Now, if only Brees had a football that turned into a boxing glove, like Hawkeye’s arrows. Seriously.

Spider-Man – Jimmy Garoppolo

The fresh-faced futures of their respective universes, Spider-Man and Garoppolo were finally released by their overlords (Bill Belichick and Sony, respectively) and afforded new starts. And both were late but highly effective additions to their teams. Spider-Man turned the tide in Civil War while Garoppolo led the 49ers to a 5-0 finish last season.

Jimmy GQ probably spent far less time being stuffed into lockers in high school than Peter Parker, though.

Captain America – J.J. Watt

Watt might not have Steve Rogers’ lack of ego or physics-defying throwing ability, but the star pass-rusher certainly has Cap’s moral compass considering his amazing Hurricane Harvey relief fund efforts. And at 6-foot-5 and 290 lbs, Watt can also boast being the pinnacle of human physical perfection.

Also, Watt really, really, really loves America.

Black Panther – Le’Veon Bell

Black Panther is blessed with amazing vision, quickness, and instincts – the exact three traits most would use to describe Bell, whose unique running style has helped him become the king of NFL running backs.

But will it be “Pittsburgh Forever” for Bell, with the Steelers reluctant to give him a satisfactory amount of vibranium?

Star-Lord – Aaron Rodgers

Cocky and not afraid to speak his mind? Check.

Possesses unbelievable natural talents beyond what should be humanly possible? Check.

Weird family issues? Double check.

Bucky Barnes – Andrew Luck

Barnes – aka the Winter Soldier – and Luck have two functioning arms between them and both cannot escape their poorly run organizations.

Ant-Man – Russell Wilson

You get it.

Thor – Rob Gronkowski

Gronkowski has a reputation for being rash, reckless, and immature – just like Thor in his early days.

Gods compared to their compatriots, Gronk and Thor are both facing unclear futures after the physical toll of the job begins to show (at least Gronk still has two eyes).

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