Published On: Wed, Apr 25th, 2018

What would The Avengers look like if they were made up of NBA stars?

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theScore imagines what the cast of The Avengers would look like if it were comprised entirely of NBA stars.

Hawkeye – Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

Hawkeye and Thompson are both expert marksmen, and often overshadowed by others on their respective superteams.

Clint Barton didn’t even crack the poster for the upcoming Avengers film, which speaks volumes about his relevancy.

Thompson would be the No. 1 option on the majority of rosters, but he’s at best a third or fourth option on the star-studded Warriors most nights. The two are basically cut from the same cloth.

The Incredible Hulk – DeMarcus Cousins, New Orleans Pelicans

The temperamental Cousins is built like an army tank equipped with a Ferrari engine.

Whether he’s throwing his body around in the painted area, or being assessed one of his many technical fouls, this All-Star center is arguably the scariest dude in the entire Association.

Just keep him away from gamma rays, and don’t get him angry.

Ant-Man – Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks

“The Greek Freak” is a near 7-foot forward capable of running the point who can also suit up at center.

Scott Lang literally changes his size at will, adapting to what the situation asks of him through the use of Pym particles in his suit. If he needs to shrink down to an insect, or tower over buildings, he can do so with the press of a button.

The Bucks have the luxury of housing a once-in-a-lifetime player who can be slotted anywhere in a lineup. He’s long and nimble enough to contain those 6 inches shorter, and big enough to be a presence under the basket.

Black Panther – Victor Oladipo, Indiana Pacers

Too easy. If you don the mask, then you’re up to task.

Oladipo has the blessing of the Wakanda king himself, but the connections don’t end there. He takes tremendous pride in roots laid during his three years with the Hoosiers in college, which have come full circle in the pros.

The agile All-Star guard is slowly putting the city of Indiana back on the basketball map, and is doing so with the utmost confidence after being written off in Oklahoma City – similar to how Black Panther re-emerged to become a powerhouse in the Marvel universe.

Groot – Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz

“I am Gobert.”

His freakishly long wingspan could shield his Jazz teammates from the impact of a falling Dark Aster, further proving his loyalty by sacrificing himself for the great good.

Then he’d eventually return as “Baby Gobert,” and still find a way to average two or more blocks on the hardwood because of that ridiculous wingspan.

Drax the Destroyer – Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors

Like the almighty Hulk, Drax is a loose cannon who can become unhinged in the heat of battle, needing just a slight spark to blow up at a moment’s notice.

Green is as intimidating as they come, but with his fierce demeanor comes a level of Machiavellian ruthlessness behind it.

He can let his emotions get the better of him, but when his head’s on straight, Green is a cunning, unrelenting competitor who can get under the skin of the opposition with both his body and mind.

Rocket Raccoon – Chris Paul, Houston Rockets

Diminutive in stature, but always packing a ton of heat, this Procyonid gunslinger utilizes rocket launchers, high-tech assault weapons, and anything else he can conjure up to complete his missions.

There’s more than meets the eye to Rocket, though. He’s a master tactician with strong leadership intangibles, although he can get quite lippy.

Paul has been known to ruffle a few feathers every now and then with his attitude, but the 6-foot Point God is still highly respected as an all-time great at his position.

Star-Lord – Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Without Peter Quill, the Guardians of the Galaxy would struggle to be a cohesive unit. Egos would get in the way of progress, and maybe even lead to their demise.

The reigning champion Warriors aren’t that far gone, even during this postseason as Curry nurses a bum knee. Still, there’s no denying how integral the Chef’s presence is, as he’s always maintaining his charm while turning an already frightening core into an unstoppable wrecking machine of offense.

Curry is unquestionably Golden State’s leader, complete with a degree of swagger and self-assurance that the legendary outlaw would be proud of.

Spider-Man – James Harden, Houston Rockets

When Harden’s spidey sense is tingling, the bearded wonder flips the switch and takes over, swerving and euro-stepping his way through the tightest of crevices to get buckets.

His slender frame and immaculate footwork evoke images of Peter Parker slinging himself through the skies. Harden isn’t physically imposing by any stretch, but he’s still a handful to deal with, knowing where exactly his sweet spots are.

However, while Spider-Man is looking to prove himself with The Avengers as the new kid on the block, Harden will likely garner the MVP award he’s long deserved once the year-end honors are announced.

Dr. Strange – Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics

This supreme dribbler could channel his astral powers to send himself into space to see firsthand that the planet’s in fact round.

Or, Irving could simply keep his abilities earthbound and continue to leave countless defenders mesmerized with his proficiency in the art of dribble penetration.

Here’s hoping a few more visits with the Ancient One will cure his ailing knee, as well.

Thor – Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

Who needs Mjolnir when you’re a walking hammer mighty enough to level rims and arenas?

Westbrook competes with limitless power and energy, as if he were sent down from Asgard as a god among men. His explosiveness and unparalleled tenacity make the former MVP as dangerous a talent as there’s ever been.

When you think Thor, you think thunder, and when you think Thunder, you think Westbrook.

Iron Man – Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors

Smug, skilled, arrogant, wealthy, powerful – and that’s just Durant.

Sure, Tony Stark never needed to create burner accounts to defend himself from haters and trolls, because he simply didn’t care. Durant didn’t have that much self-control, unfortunately, which hurt his reputation a smudge.

In terms of armor, the Bay Area and the already established Curry-Thompson-Green trio provide substantial protection and firepower for the four-time scoring champion. Not that Durant needed it, but boy is it nice to flaunt.

Captain America – LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron is a super solider who never needed serum injections to gain his chiseled frame that’s (seemingly) impervious to injury.

Devoid of Steve Rogers’ trademark star-spangled vibranium shield, James displays his American pride through his words and actions.

At a tumultuous time in the country’s history, the clear-cut face of the sport never shies away from voicing his thoughts on those in power, all the while attempting to bring communities together instead of having everyone at each other’s throats.

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