Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2016

Votto sent 51 pizzas to Ichiro's locker

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Ron Chenoy / USA TODAY Sports

When you’re making more than $20 million a year like Joey Votto, you can afford to do this kind of stuff.

The Cincinnati Reds first baseman sent 51 individual pizzas to the Miami Marlins locker room Thursday, perfectly stacking them in front of the locker of outfielder Ichiro Suzuki.

The gesture was in response to an anonymous Marlins player – likely Ichiro – sending Votto donuts prior to the series opener of the four-game set on Monday.

Ichiro’s lucky Votto opted to send the amount of pizzas based on Ichiro’s number, and not the amount of hits (3,005) the Japanese star has racked up across his 16-year career.

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