Published On: Sat, Aug 20th, 2016

U.S. sprinter Rodgers confident relay DQ will be overruled

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The American sprinter who failed to make a pass within the takeover zone in Friday’s 4x100m final, which resulted in the U.S. team’s disqualification, believes their appeal will be successful.

“I have seen the replay, and to me it is pretty clear,” Mike Rodgers told USA Today Sports. “I think we have a good case, because to me it doesn’t look like (an infraction).”

The U.S. team was incensed and obviously confused by the official ruling, Rodgers going as far as questioning the integrity of the judges.

“It seems kind of (expletive) to be honest with you,” he said.

Rodgers and Justin Gatlin, who received the illegal pass, watched together live on the NBC broadcast, the former explaining to the interviewer what happened.

“I see him throwing his hand back but I see when he has possession of the stick he’s inside the zone,” Rodgers said of Gatlin. “He has his hand back there, but he doesn’t have the stick. He has the stick now. It hasn’t left my hand yet.”

In the background, Gatlin chimed in: “That’s not a DQ.”

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