Published On: Sat, May 5th, 2018

The Premier League's XI best flows

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Back when English football was played on marshes and strikers clobbered goalkeepers, players could be typecasted by their haircuts. The playboy forward would sport sideburns and a scruffy mop, while the defensive stalwart would often be confined to sensible side-parting.

Nowadays, flows are just another accessory in a multi-millionaire footballer’s vast repertoire. It’s a way to make a statement beyond your footwork, and each of the top flight’s 20 teams is awash with fresh cuts.

Here’s a Premier League XI made up of players with the best hairdos:

GK – David De Gea

Premier League goalkeepers mostly have practical haircuts, but Manchester United‘s superb shot-stopper De Gea is still rocking a wee ‘tail and looking good with it.

RB – Hector Bellerin

The braids were pretty bad, and sometimes it just looks like a lot of hair that’s been hurriedly tamed with an elastic band. However, just like with Bellerin‘s defending, you never know what you’re going to get with the Arsenal full-back’s flow. That’s why he’s on this list.

CB – David Luiz

Does Luiz need to sleep on a pillow? The Chelsea outcast is often victim to Sideshow Bob jibes, but they may be aired with a tinge of jealousy. Luscious, thick curls. You can tell Luiz looks after his mane.

CB – Nathan Ake

Bournemouth‘s cultured defender evokes memories of Ruud Gullit with his excellent dreadlocks. A great season for Ake – both on the pitch and on top of his noggin.

LB – Danny Rose

Currently the least hairy of the defensive bunch is Tottenham Hotspur‘s Rose, although it’s the variety of cuts that the left-back has worn that gets him in this starting lineup. He’s recently been sporting a neat fade.

DM – Mohamed Elneny

It could be up to Mohamed Salah – wearing a look of a misunderstood rom-com love interest – to be the style icon of Egypt‘s World Cup squad, as Elneny‘s cool may be denied a strut in Russia due to an ankle ligament injury.

MF – Tom Davies

Some Everton fans may be reminded of former midfielder Scott Gemmill when Davies‘ golden threads are bouncing, but for us he looks more like an extra from Trainspotting. Definitely a throwback ‘do.

MF – Paul Pogba

The king of cuts. It takes serious bottle to wear a blue streak against archrival Manchester City, but Pogba did just that and scored twice to inspire a remarkable second-half comeback for United in April.

FW – Wilfried Zaha

Crystal Palace‘s Zaha always seems to wear a concerned expression, but he should be confident with the range of looks he’s donned this season.

FW – Wilfried Bony

Remember him? The striker hasn’t had the best return to Swansea City, but at least Bony‘s dreads still look tight.

FW – Leroy Sane

Bounce and shape. Sane‘s dome almost makes amends for that huge tattoo of himself on his back. Almost.

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