Published On: Fri, Aug 26th, 2016

Roy Halladay hails Carlos Ruiz as 'the little engine that could'

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Carlos Ruiz spent 11 seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies and following a trade to the first-place Los Angeles Dodgers, he’ll get another shot at the postseason at the tail end of his career.

Ruiz was an important player during the Phillies’ dominant rule over the National League, winning five NL East titles and catching four no-hitters, two of which were opposite Cy Young winner Roy Halladay.

Not surprisingly, “Doc” produced actual gold with this quote on his longtime bromance with his battery mate, as told to CSN Philly Insider Jim Salisbury:

Chooch was the little engine that could for a team loaded with big names, but no player was more valuable to the team as a whole than Carlos! He was so humble and grateful, you couldn’t help but just want to do anything for him including win! He flawlessly handled one of the greatest pitching staffs ever assembled and was just as important offensively, as well. It was nothing short of miraculous that he could handle so many different personalities and approaches on a day-to-day basis the way that he did. He was the best catcher I’ve ever thrown to and, in my opinion, the best catcher in baseball in the years I was with him. It’s going to be sad to see him without a Phillies uniform on and not seeing him sitting in his chair in the clubhouse with a smile. And just the way the fans treated Chase last week, Chooch is also deserving of that hero’s welcome. They are my two favorite players of all-time as well as favorite teammates. I was fortunate to have both of them in the clubhouse. I want to wish good luck to Carlos. Maybe one day when we’re old and gray we can come back to Philly!!

Ruiz signed out of Panama for $8,000 in 1998, the same year the Phillies signed Pat Burrell for $8 million. ‘Chooch’ was called up in 2006 and when he became a regular the following season, Philadelphia ended a 14-year playoff drought.

“All I wanted was a chance to play professional baseball,” Ruiz said to Salisbury. “I’m thankful the Phillies gave it to me.”

We’ll look forward to that old and gray reunion game.

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