Published On: Wed, Aug 24th, 2016

Predators' Neal: New teammate Subban 'gets under your skin'

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Shea Weber is one of the toughest guys to play against. It turns out he’s been replaced by a similar type of player.

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Nashville Predators forward James Neal spoke to Brooks Bratten of, and explained that he’s looking forward to not having to face P.K. Subban anymore.

“He’s a guy that you get into it with, you don’t like playing against him,” said Neal. “He’s a guy that gets under your skin, and plays the game well when he’s under a guy’s skin, so it’s better having him on your team than playing against him.

“He has a great shot, great hockey sense and great ability to do good things with the puck. He’s a distributor and a goal scorer and he does it all. With the way our defensemen look right now, we have some great young defensemen who can skate and make plays and do everything … It’s an exciting time for Preds hockey.”

With Weber now a member of the Montreal Canadiens, there’s a captain vacancy in Nashville. Being among the team’s elder players certainly makes Neal a possible candidate, but whether he’s ultimately chosen as Weber’s successor or not, Neal insists he will continue to be a leader for his teammates.

“Regardless of what happens, I came in here to be a leader, to be an older guy and someone that guys can lean on, someone that leads by example and someone that can be vocal as well,” Neal said. “I’ve been around a lot of different leaders; older guys and veterans and younger captains, so I feel I have a good grasp of how things are done. We’ll see what happens, but we have a few guys who are definitely capable of doing a great job.”

Neal concluded his second season with the Predators by contributing 31 goals and 58 points, good enough for third in team scoring.

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