Published On: Sat, Apr 21st, 2018

Play breakdown: Redick catches Whiteside napping for game winner

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The Philadelphia 76ers took a 3-1 series lead over the Miami Heat by out-executing their opponent in the fourth quarter.

Philadelphia’s defense was phenomenal in the final frame, holding Miami to just two points over the first six minutes. On the other end, the Heat had no answers for JJ Redick and Ben Simmons, who combined for 17 points in the fourth quarter.

Redick hit the game-winning shot with 31 seconds left, drilling a wide-open look in the corner to put the Sixers up 104-101. It was a tremendous play design that came without a timeout, and Redick was smart to target Hassan Whiteside.

The play started with Redick feigning a ball screen for Simmons. They ran that action on the previous possession and it resulted in Simmons cruising down the lane for an uncontested two-handed dunk.

With that fresh in their minds, the Heat overplay it. Josh Richardson is weary of a drive from Simmons, allowing Redick to cleverly slip the action.

Redick’s fake helps him gain separation from Richardson, who scampers to deny an open jumper. There was a brief opportunity to get off a decent look, but Redick parlays Richardson’s desperation into an even better look.

He continues his cut toward the corner and pitches to Joel Embiid for a quick hand-off. Given that he was already behind the play, Richardson wasn’t tight enough to trail Redick or deny his cut, which meant he needed help from Whiteside.

That help, however, never came. Richardson was absolutely crushed by Embiid’s screen, and not only did Whiteside not call it out, he also made the wrong read by sticking with Embiid.

Redick gets a wide-open look, and even has time for a rhythm dribble and hop before calmly draining the game-winning jumper.

Here’s the whole sequence in real time:

(Screengrabs courtesy of NBA Leaguepass)

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