Published On: Mon, Aug 22nd, 2016

Mongolian wrestling coaches strip down in protest of controversial loss

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In perhaps the most surreal moment of the Olympics, two coaches for wrestler Ganzorigiin Mandakhnaran stripped nearly nude in protest of a controversial decision to overturn the Mongolian’s win in the 65 kg bronze medal match.

Ganzorigiin appeared to win the contest, but after the final whistle and celebration his opponent, Ikhtiyor Navruzov, was awarded a point and the result changed.

The reason for the change wasn’t immediately clear, but may have been because Ganzorigiin taunted his opponent as the final seconds of the match ticked down.

The crowd chanted “Mon-go-lia” as two Mongolian coaches tore off clothes in protest of the decision.

Both coaches threw their clothes at the officials and refused to leave the mat before being escorted off by police.

All photos courtesy Action Images

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