Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2016

Hamilton doesn't want Mercedes to enforce team orders

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Despite Sunday’s controversial finish at the Austrian GP, Lewis Hamilton is hoping Mercedes doesn’t impose team orders on him or teammate Nico Rosberg.

Hamilton bumped Rosberg on the final lap at the Red Bull Ring as the two jostled for first place. Rosberg’s damage meant he couldn’t finish higher than fourth, while Hamilton cruised to his third victory of the season.

With the win, Hamilton closed the gap on his teammate for the drivers’ championship.

“I hope it doesn’t change and I hope we can continue to race,” he told’s Jonathan Noble. “You never want to see team orders happening. The great thing is Toto and Niki (Lauda) have been great and allow us to race, and that is what racing is about.”

This also isn’t the first time the duo has butted heads on the track.

Just this month, Hamilton forced Rosberg off the track at the Canadian GP as they tried to catch up to Sebastian Vettel. In May, the two collided at the Spanish GP as Hamilton tried to overtake Rosberg shortly after the race began.

But despite their run-ins, Hamilton believes it’s impossible to be too careful, regardless of anyone’s intention.

“We are driving at 200-plus mph,” he said. “You expect us to drive around and never, never, never have a problem? I doubt it.”

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