Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2016

Cubs fan helps domestic violence charities cash in on Chapman

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Chicago Cubs fans are proving social media can have a positive impact by raising money for domestic violence groups through Twitter.

According to NBC Chicago, fans have been using the hashtag #pitchin4dv in an attempt to support local charities every time Aroldis Chapman records a save. Chapman was suspended 30 games at the start of the season for an incident involving his girlfriend in October 2015, but didn’t face criminal charges.

People supporting the cause have raised nearly $4,000 dollars, as Chapman has already recorded seven saves since being acquired by Chicago on July 25.

The fundraising idea came from fan and writer Caitlin Swieca, who said after the Chapman trade she was frustrated due to the previous accusations surrounding the 28-year-old closer.

“The guys on the team seem like pretty good guys,” Swieca said. “To bring Chapman in, who has more of a checkered past, was not easy to root for. I guess I was having a tough time reconciling those two things in my mind.”

Swieca initially used Twitter to vent about the team’s decision to acquire Chapman, and said she would personally donate $10 dollars to domestic violence groups. The tweet went viral, influencing a large following of fans to follow her lead.

“People who are conflicted like that can sometimes get drowned out in the sports by people who only want to watch the game,” she said. “I was definitely surprised in a good way.”

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