Published On: Tue, Aug 23rd, 2016

Chargers' McCoy: We have a plan for Bosa 'whenever he's here'

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The San Diego Chargers aren’t putting their camp on hold for third overall pick Joey Bosa during his contract holdout, but they’ll be ready whenever he shows up.

Chargers head coach Mike McCoy says he has a plan for Bosa “whenever he’s here” but plans to use all his ammo to build the defense with or without him.

“We’re going to play everybody,” McCoy told ESPN’s Eric D. Williams. “If you have a uniform, you’re going to play. And that’s what the good teams do up front. They’re going to rotate everyone and keep everybody fresh.”

McCoy tried not to show his frustration with Bosa’s absence to reporters, focusing instead on the success of players who are in camp.

“We’ve talked about (Bosa’s return) over time, from the very beginning of camp,” said McCoy. “So we’ve got a plan for when he’s in the building. But I’m very pleased with the other 89 guys in camp at this point in time.”

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