Published On: Wed, Aug 24th, 2016

Chargers: Bosa rejected 'best offer', has 'jeopardized' contribution in '16

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Not only is there no end in sight for the San Diego Chargers‘ contract standoff with Joey Bosa, but the two sides may even be moving in opposite directions as the regular season approaches.

The first-round drafted rookie and his representation have declined a proposal that the Chargers deemed to be their best, leading the team to pull its offer off the table entirely, as first reported by Michael Gehlken of The San Diego Union-Tribune, citing a source.

San Diego almost immediately released a statement to include specifics on the matter, outlining the “fair and structurally consistent” offers made thus far in the negotiation process.

The most recent of which, according to the statement, included the following:

  • An initial signing bonus payment that is larger than any player in the league has received in the last two drafts.
  • More money in this calendar year than every player in this year’s draft except one (QB Carson Wentz).
  • The largest payment and the highest percentage of signing bonus received in the first calendar year of any Chargers’ first-round selection since the inception of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (2011).

San Diego also indicated an intention to now revise its offers while referencing the fact that the missed training camp time will impact Bosa’s ability to have a full rookie season.

The offer that we extended was for Joey to contribute during all 16 games and beyond. Joey’s ability to contribute for an entire rookie season has now been jeopardized by the valuable time he has missed with his coaches and his teammates. Since Joey will not report at this time, his ability to produce not just early in the season, but throughout the entire season, has been negatively impacted.

As a result, we will restructure our offer since Joey will be unable to contribute for the full 16 game season without the adequate time on the practice field, in the classroom, and in preseason games.

This development in no way rules out the possibility of an agreement in the coming weeks, as one side could conceivably give in to the other’s demands at any point.

Given the clear sour state of negotiations, though, with team officials withdrawing what they considered to be their strongest offer, and then opting to go public with its details, only further complicates an increasingly concerning situation.

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Bosa and the Chargers have long been thought to be at odds over relatively minor details in the contract language. While raw terms of the deal are slotted, and thus predetermined based on his No. 3 overall selection, there’s work to be done in agreeing upon offset language and the deferral of a signing bonus.

Previous reports have indicated that the Chargers want both included in any agreement, while Bosa’s camp is only willing to have one of the two. The drawn out saga, which has seen the Ohio State product miss a number of offseason workouts and all training camp practices easily stands as the longest holdout since the new rookie wage scale was introduced in 2011.

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