Published On: Sat, Aug 20th, 2016

Canada's Dunfee accepts 4th-place ruling: 'I will sleep soundly tonight'

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Evan Dunfee is giving up his case for a bronze medal.

The Canadian race walker won’t submit his second appeal – which would’ve been a third challenge of the original ruling – after placing fourth in Friday’s 50 km event.

“Following my return to the village and my viewing of the incident I made the decision not to appeal, as I believe the right decision stood,” Dunfee said in a statement issued by Athletics Canada on Friday night.

“I will sleep soundly tonight, and for the rest of my life, knowing I made the right decision. I will never allow myself to be defined by the accolades I receive, rather the integrity I carry through life.”

Dunfee originally finished fourth, but was awarded the bronze medal after an appeal, insisting he was pushed by Japan’s Hirooki Arai. The Japanese race walker filed a counter-appeal and was re-awarded bronze several hours after the conclusion of the race.

The Canadian competitor doesn’t believe contact was made with malicious intent, adding that even if he’d won a second appeal, he wouldn’t have been able to accept the medal with a clear conscience.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my efforts out on the course today,” Dunfee said “I know that I left everything I possibly had out there and I can’t ask for anything more than that.”

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