Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2016

Bolt on final Olympics: 'I can't prove anything else'

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Usain Bolt is, among many things, undefeated. And it will remain just so.

After outclassing the field in his final individual race in Olympic competition, galloping toward gold in the 200m final, Bolt provided this simple rationale for why Rio will be the final chapter in his Olympic career.

“This is my last Olympics, because I can’t prove anything else.”

There’s obvious simplicity to how Bolt has built his legend; one foot in front of the other. Fast. Protecting it, though, has been anything but.

Because in truth, Bolt’s slowing down right with the athletes he’s dominated over the last decade-plus; today’s victims – the next generation of sprinter – succumbing to what talent he’s maintained in his decline.

Perceptiveness, though, and omnipresent knowledge of how he compares to other sprinters, will forever safeguard his legend.

And prevent him from writing the forgettable final chapter many generational athletes can’t resist writing.

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