Published On: Wed, May 30th, 2018

99 reasons to look forward to the 2018 NFL season

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We’re just 99 days away from the kickoff of the NFL’s 2018 regular season.

With things how they currently stand, here are 99 reasons to look forward to the upcoming season, in no particular order.

1. The return of Jon Gruden

2. Richard Sherman’s revenge games with the Seahawks

3. Relaxed catch rule

4. The renewed Colts-Patriots rivalry

5. Better Thursday night games

6. Carson Wentz’s return from ACL injury

7. Shaquem Griffin’s debut season

8. Kirk Cousins with a team that wants him

9. Hope for the Browns

10. A season with the Eagles as defending champs

11. Players one-upping last year’s touchdown celebrations

12. Andrew Luck throwing a football again

13. Less violent kick returns

14. The Jaguars’ new jerseys

15. A full season with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm

16. Jimmy Graham in Packer green

17. Saquon Barkley in the pros

18. Aaron Rodgers’ return from injury

19. QB battles featuring Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, and Lamar Jackson

20. The new Monday Night Football booth

21. The Rams’ souped-up secondary with Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib

22. Larry Fitzgerald’s 15th season

23. Former Comeback Player of the Year Eric Berry’s second comeback

24. The Titans’ new jerseys

25. A second year of Alvin Kamara

26. The Honey Badger in Houston

27. The Jets with a future at quarterback

28. A healthy Deshaun Watson

29. Derrick Henry out from under the shadow of DeMarco Murray

30. A full year of Josh Gordon

31. Patrick Mahomes at the controls

32. One more year of Beast Mode

33. Malcolm Butler vs. the Patriots in Week 10

34. The Niners’ new throwback jerseys

35. A full season of Ezekiel Elliott

36. Ndamukong Suh in L.A.

37. Resolution to the league’s anthem issue?

38. A healthy David Johnson

39. Fortnite-related touchdown dances

40. Marcus Mariota under a new offensive approach

41. Brady vs. Rodgers in Week 9

42. Cam Newton with more receivers

43. Minneapolis Miracle rematch in Week 8

44. The Steelers’ new throwback jerseys

45. Stricter rules on helmet fouls

46. Jordy Nelson in Silver and Black

47. The Vikings’ No. 1-ranked defense

48. J.J. Watt fully recovered

49. Michael Bennett and the champion Eagles

50. The inner turmoil of the Patriots

51. The new NFC West rivalry: Rams-49ers

52. The Broncos’ two-headed pass-rushing monster

53. Marcus Peters vs. the Chiefs in Week 11

54. The return of the Bears’ orange alternates

55. The Jaguars’ top-ranked pass defense

56. Brandin Cooks with the Rams

57. The AFC South arms race

58. Odell Beckham Jr. back doing his thing

59. NFC Championship Game rematch in Week 5

60. A good London game: Eagles-Jaguars in Week 8

61. No requirement to wear Color Rush on TNF

62. Mitch Trubisky with weapons

63. Patriots-Steelers in Week 15

64. The Dolphins’ updated uniforms

65. Case Keenum tries to hold onto the magic in Denver

66. Jarvis Landry in Cleveland

67. The wide-open AFC West

68. Dalvin Cook’s recovery from a torn ACL

69. Another year of Gronk after his flirt with retirement

70. What should be a thrilling Offensive Rookie of the Year race

71. The Raiders’ final season in Oakland?

72. The prime-time slate

73. T.J. Watt vs. Derek Watt in Week 13

74. A season starting without a suspension-related court battle

75. A crowded field for Defensive Rookie of the Year honors

76. Allen Robinson in the Windy City

77. AFC Championship Game rematch in Week 2

78. A full season of Malik Hooker

79. Multiple coaches entering the year on the hot seat

80. The Lions with a running game

81. Thanksgiving tripleheader with Falcons-Saints closer

82. Ryan Tannehill’s return

83. Steelers-Jaguars rematch in Week 11

84. More run for Joe Mixon

85. AJ McCarron with a starting job

86. Brandon Marshall in the Emerald City

87. No more QB controversy in Washington

88. A healthy Antonio Brown after late-season injury

89. The Bucs with some semblance of a defense

90. A league without Ed Hochuli and Jeff Triplette

91. Football on Christmas Eve

92. The McCourty twins playing together

93. Michael Crabtree vs. the Raiders in Week 12

94. The Griffin brothers playing together

95. No more extra-points after game-winning TDs

96. Frank Gore back in his hometown of Miami

97. Julian Edelman’s return from a year away from football

98. Tony Romo on the Super Bowl LIII broadcast

99. Super Bowl LIII

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